Our shows are ON! July Jubilee, July 11-12, is a USEF/USDF/CDS rated show at Galway and we need workerbees. Judges are Heidi Gaian, Michale Osinski, and Ulf Wadeborn. We need scribes! We need runners! We need ring and warm up stewards! And we need an awards person to man the awards booth and hand out tests. We love putting on Triple Rated shows but that means more bodies necessary. Please contact Carol Tice at to get on the schedule.

TEV-CDS is hosting the RAAC this year! Its August 15-16 at Galway and we need peeps. Judges are Lilo Fore, Melissa Creswick, and Joan Williams. Scribes, runners, stewards, and an awards person. RAAC is a huge show for TEV-CDS and we can’t do it without your help.

CDS makes a calendar that showcases photos of Chapter members and activities. We want you to send in your photos! We will choose four to send in to CDS! You could be featured and famous! Send photos to Carol Tice at