Circuit Standings 2017


See Awards Protocol below

Many of you fulfilled the tests ridden requirement for an award but did not volunteer or pay the nomination fee of – TEV members $25, all others $35. Those who missed out are highlighted with yellow. We really WANT to give out more year end awards! Next year be sure to take care of all the details early!  

2017 Points for Rated Shows_ 10/28/17

2017 Points Schooling_Traditional and Western as of 10/4/2017

Freestyle Scores as of 10/2/2017

Rated Show Series Points

Saturday March 4  TEV Spring Starter

Sunday March 5 TEV Spring Starter Sunday

Dressage In June    Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dressage In June Sunday, June 4, 2017

July Jubilee  Saturday, July 15, 2017

July Jubilee  Sunday July 16, 2017


Black Dog Show Schooling Show Series Results

June 2017 Schooling Show Results

Aug 5 2017 Schooling Show Results

September 16 Schooling Show Results


Series High Point winners and reserve-Open, Amateur, Jr/Yr-English and Western

High Score-Open, Amateur, Jr/Yr-English and Western

High Score Breed-Warmblood, PRE, Non-Warmblood

To qualify for year end awards, a Horse/rider combo must ride minimum of 3 tests in the division Intro through Third levels and 2 tests Fourth level and FEI levels. Ties will be broken by highest average %.  PLUS VOLUNTEER 4 HOURS PER HORSE OR PAY NOMINATING FEE – TEV chapter members $25, non TEV chapter members $35. OR be a TEV Sponsor.