Chapter/Member News October

21 happy people attended the Mary Debono Rider workshop held at the Fallbrook Community Center last month. May is a Guild Feldenkrais practitioner who specializes in horses and riders. She led us through three hours of gentle seated and prone movements and everyone was fascinated by the changes in their movement, range of motion, and awareness. We hope to have her back again soon!

Member Lynn LaCaze is branching out and recently bought a horse that likes to jump so that is what she is doing these days! She showed over fences recently and had a blast. Good for you, Lynn!

Your fearless Chapter Chair, yes, that would be me, is actually riding again (who knew!) and participated in a four day Legerete clinic with Bertrand Ravoux at Kit West’s beautiful Twelve Oaks Farm in La Cresta. Bertrand represents Phillippe Karl’s Ecole Legerete, from Saumer France. Its wonderful work and I have been following it for several years; to have Bertrand come to this area and to be able to ride with him is a dream come true. My KWPN Lover aka George was a star and I learned so much. I was accepted in to the 3 year Trainer program. Go me!

Please send me your news, new horses, wins, losses, etc. so we can all share in the fun, the work, the sad that is all part and parcel of our horse lives.