Chapter/Member News

Melissa Creswick Clinic Schedule, November 3-4, 2018

Thanks to all riders at the July 16 Melissa Creswick Clinic at Rocking T Ranch! Melissa was our judge for July Jubilee and she stayed the extra day to give our members a chance to work with the judge who had just scored them the days before.  Attendees were riders Carol Tice (on two horses), Babs Boruch, Sandy Nefzger, Angie Taylor (two horses) Julie Weisz, Dana Aspinalli, and Brandie Haining and many owners, students and friends of the riders.  Thank you Melissa, Carol and Jim Tice, and all the riders for this great educational day.



The Erika Jansson Cavaletti clinic was GREAT! The weather was ideal, Jim and Carol Tice’s Rocking T Ranch was in perfect form, Erika was patient, fun, and organized, and a good time was had by all. Thank you riders for coming out for this great clinic, and thank you Jim and Carol for all your hard work, and for hosting, and thank you Erika!