AA Clinic Report!

Babs Boruch was our Chapter representative at the CDS Adult Amateur clinic. She had a wonderful time and wrote about it thusly:

“A big thank you to Melissa Creswick, CDS, TEV, W Farms and Nicole Bhathal for organizing such a wonderful clinic! What a great group of riders we had as well! The entire weekend was a positive experience and learning from Melissa was a real treat. I loved how engaged and motivated she is to bring out the best in each horse/rider combo. She is able to truly understand what works and doesn’t work for each individual horse and rider. And very quickly figured out how I learn best and how my horse understands things clearly. I had several ‘aha’ moments during my lessons and her evaluation of my riding, my horse and our learning moments was spot on. This made the whole learning process even more effective. It was great to be able to ride with such an experienced, knowledgeable horse lady who brought both her experience as a judge, trainer and rider to the table. The weekend was a successful, fun learning experience for me and my horse! Thanks again to everyone who made this clinic possible for all of us to enjoy, make new friends and learn from the expert. California weather, wonderful hostess, beautiful facility, welcoming atmosphere, well organized, great fellow riders, beautiful horses and a top clinician…..what else can an Adult Amateur rider ask for! ”


April Update

Congratulations to Barbara Boruch for being accepted to the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic this weekend. TEV-CDS is happy to offer our AA’s an opportunity to attend these great clinics. Auditors are welcomed and encouraged!The link to the schedule and information is here :  2018-AA South Schedule-03   

There is a new FB group associated with the TEV-CDS page! Its where all  can share thoughts, events, things for sale, updates, photos, and anything and everything else. Please join and make TEV-CDS part of your social network! Fill us in!

You can also send me your news of new horses, photos, etc at akogler@roadrunner.com for inclusion in the Member News section.

TEV-CDS will hosting a Cavaletti Clinic with Erikka Jansson! Stay tuned! Find out more about Erika at www.ejdressage.com.