April Update

Congratulations to Barbara Boruch for being accepted to the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic this weekend. TEV-CDS is happy to offer our AA’s an opportunity to attend these great clinics. Auditors are welcomed and encouraged!The link to the schedule and information is here :  2018-AA South Schedule-03   

There is a new FB group associated with the TEV-CDS page! Its where all  can share thoughts, events, things for sale, updates, photos, and anything and everything else. Please join and make TEV-CDS part of your social network! Fill us in!

You can also send me your news of new horses, photos, etc at akogler@roadrunner.com for inclusion in the Member News section.

TEV-CDS will hosting a Cavaletti Clinic with Erikka Jansson! Stay tuned! Find out more about Erika at www.ejdressage.com.


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