We did it AGAIN!

A very huge thank you to all of the people who helped with the last triple star Chapter show for the season and the Chapter hosted CDS Southern RAAC and the Southern Junior Championships. It takes a village to handle all of the show needs and a village showed up – out of 8 Southern Region Chapters, six were represented in the volunteer pool. No matter how long or how short someone helped, it mattered as much like a puzzle, all of the pieces are important to the final product. There were 12 TEV chapter members – Carmen Wernimont, Carol Tice, Cindy Hancock, Cyndi Willis, Diana Muravez, Elaine Hamilton, Inge Schuler, Lorraine Heath, Paula Nilsson, Regina Antonioli, Sailor Boden and Sandy Bike. There were 11 family, friends and students of TEV & IC members – Teri Alford, Selena Wang, Sarah Eaton, Salma Rodriguez, Lexi Heine, Heidi Little, Cristal Najera, Christopher Catheline, Bengt Nilsson and Brett Boden along with Kaiya Chacon. We had competitors in the show helping in between their ride times – Amanda Johnson (PO), Kim Hudson-Watts (PO), Lynda Palmer (PV), Joanne Irish (PV), Julie Ramstead (PV), Julie Unvert (PV), Terry Griggs (PV) and Ryder Mosqueda (IC). Other CDS members, who were not competing at these shows, were kind enough to volunteer their time – Sage and Lavinia Chacon (IC), Carrie Underwood (SD), Kristin Young (SJC), Marcy Levatino (SJC), Pam Tarrel (SD) and Sarah Pinney (SD). A huge thanks to our staff – Regina Antonioli – show manager, Diana Muravez – show secretary, Steve Apmadoc – announcer, Denise Weimers – scorer and set-up, Elaine Hamilton & Rene Frilot – awards, Dominique Estrada – head ring steward and set-up, Sarah Mosqueda – Junior awards and trophies. There are not enough words to express our thanks!