2022 Show Info, Prize Lists/Entry Forms Rated and Schooling Shows/Awards Protocol

The TEV-CDS Rated and Schooling Show Point year is from October 1-September 30. To qualify for *any* award you must volunteer a minimum of four hours per horse/competitor per level.  This is for *both* series…ie if you are going for points in the schooling shows *and* the rated shows you need four hours/or nominating fee *per series*. You may transfer your hours to another rider if desired. If you are unable to volunteer you may pay a nominating fee of $25.00 for TEV members or $35.00 for all others.

Please read prizelists! Included in the Prizelist info is NEW COVID GUIDELINES! Please make sure you read, understand, and will comply with these guidelines.

Remember to be courteous to each other, to the trainers and clients who work and ride at the facilities where we hold our events. Thank you!


2022 February Festival of Dressage Prize List

TEV BREED Awards Rules with Breeds List

            New Test Offered     Intro to Freestyle  (1* shows only)

2021 SCHOOLING SHOWS                                                                                        Black Dog Farm Show dates: June 19,  August 7,  September 18                              

2021 Schooling Show Prize List                                                                                 2021 Schooling Show Entry Form     

2019 Schooling Show Results

June  Schooling Show            August Schooling Show                     September Schooling Show 

2019 Rated Show Results

July Jubilee Saturday               July Jubilee Sunday

Dressage In June Saturday         Dressage In June Sunday

Spring Starter Saturday           Spring Starter Sunday

Fall Frolic Saturday             Fall Frolic Sunday

2019 Rated Series dates.                                                                                        June and July shows are triple rated (CDS/USEF/USDF)                       1* October 13-14, 2018;


1* May 11-12, 2019 Tucalota Creek Ranch;

3* June 1-2, 2019 Tucalota Creek Ranch;

3* July 13-14, 2019 Galway Downs

 prix_caprilli tests

2019 SCHOOLING SHOWS AT BLACK DOG-June 22, August 3, September 14.

2019 Schooling Shows Prizelist and Entry Form fillable

2019 schooling show entry form fillable




Series High Point winners and reserve-Open, Amateur, Jr/Yr-English and Western

High Score-Open, Amateur, Jr/Yr-English and Western

High Score Breed-Warmblood, PRE, Non-Warmblood


Our Show Calendar for volunteer hours and awards nominations is October 1-September 30.  We MUST have your nominating fees, or volunteer hours in place by September 30 to be able to give you your earned Awards. The volunteer requirement to receive year end awards is four hours; this can be in two hour increments. Someone can even do them for you! If you are unable to do the hours then the nominating fee is $25 for TEV-CDS members and $35 for non-members.  The volunteer hours or the nominating fee MUST be taken care of by October 1 so we have time to order the awards! Please, do not miss out on your hard earned prizes due to not following this rule. We love to reward you! Please, help us do so!

To qualify for year end awards, a Horse/Rider combo must ride a minimum of 3 tests in the divisions Intro through Third levels and 2 tests Fourth level and FEI levels ( ties will be broken by highest average %)  PLUS VOLUNTEER 4 HOURS PER HORSE/RIDER COMBO OR PAY A NOMINATING FEE – TEV chapter members $25, non TEV chapter members $35; OR be a TEV Sponsor.