We did it AGAIN!

A very huge thank you to all of the people who helped with the last triple star Chapter show for the season and the Chapter hosted CDS Southern RAAC and the Southern Junior Championships. It takes a village to handle all of the show needs and a village showed up – out of 8 Southern Region Chapters, six were represented in the volunteer pool. No matter how long or how short someone helped, it mattered as much like a puzzle, all of the pieces are important to the final product. There were 12 TEV chapter members – Carmen Wernimont, Carol Tice, Cindy Hancock, Cyndi Willis, Diana Muravez, Elaine Hamilton, Inge Schuler, Lorraine Heath, Paula Nilsson, Regina Antonioli, Sailor Boden and Sandy Bike. There were 11 family, friends and students of TEV & IC members – Teri Alford, Selena Wang, Sarah Eaton, Salma Rodriguez, Lexi Heine, Heidi Little, Cristal Najera, Christopher Catheline, Bengt Nilsson and Brett Boden along with Kaiya Chacon. We had competitors in the show helping in between their ride times – Amanda Johnson (PO), Kim Hudson-Watts (PO), Lynda Palmer (PV), Joanne Irish (PV), Julie Ramstead (PV), Julie Unvert (PV), Terry Griggs (PV) and Ryder Mosqueda (IC). Other CDS members, who were not competing at these shows, were kind enough to volunteer their time – Sage and Lavinia Chacon (IC), Carrie Underwood (SD), Kristin Young (SJC), Marcy Levatino (SJC), Pam Tarrel (SD) and Sarah Pinney (SD). A huge thanks to our staff – Regina Antonioli – show manager, Diana Muravez – show secretary, Steve Apmadoc – announcer, Denise Weimers – scorer and set-up, Elaine Hamilton & Rene Frilot – awards, Dominique Estrada – head ring steward and set-up, Sarah Mosqueda – Junior awards and trophies. There are not enough words to express our thanks!


In spite of the HOT days and the Covid-19 protocols the July Jubilee was a success! Thank you to the management, staff, volunteers, and competitors who smiled under their masks and made it through the weekend! Results are posted here on the website. Congratulations all and thank you!

Next up: RAAC! TEV-CDS is hosting the CDS Regional Adult Amateur/Southern Competition August 15-16 at Galway Downs. Info here on the website. Please step up and help us fill the volunteer positions. This is a big competition and we will need lots of help to make it a success.

We have two clinics scheduled for August. Renee Johnson will be at Black Dog Aug 2 and Melissa Creswick at RockingT Ranch on Aug 16. Info here on the site.

See you in August!

And So..

Hello Summer, Hello 2020! We are back to work here at TEV-CDS after a COVID-19 imposed hiatus. We had an excellent clinic by Melissa Creswick and recently held our first Schooling Show and are on track with July Jubilee and the August RAAC! We hope you are all safe and well and able to ride. We can’t wait to see you all in July.

Look in Chapter News and Updates! for info, events, needs, etc.

Hello Hello Merry Christmas or the holiday of your choice!

Happy Winter! Thank you and congratulations to our Rated and Schooling Show Series winners! We had a great Awards luncheon and a fun raffle and Silent Auction to fete the end of our competition year. Its really nice to see you all out of the show environment.

The Calendar and Entries are updated. Photos of the Awards luncheon coming soon. Thank you to the riders in the last Melissa Creswick clinic. We look forward to more clinics, great competitions, volunteer opportunities, friendship and fun in 2020.

Best wishes to all for a safe and sweet holiday season. See you next year!

Yes, its September.

Man, summer flew.

The 2019 Rated Series is in the books! Thank you all volunteers, trainers, competitors, et al who worked, attended, or however supported our 2019 Series. Things were a little hectic at times, with last minute changes of venue, but alls well that ends well and we thank you all for your patience and adaptability.

The Awards Luncheon is November 2nd, 12-3:00pm at RJs Steakhouse in Temecula.  The year end standings are on the website. MAKE SURE you have fulfilled your volunteer requirements (or paid the nomination fee) and that if qualified you have applied for our beautiful Breed awards (info on site).

The 2020 Rated Series starts October 12-13 with a CDS/WDAA/CAWDA rated show at Tucolota Creek Ranch. Come ride with judges Donna Richardson (S) and Renee Johnson (R).

The schooling shows have been GREAT as usual. Thank you so much to Chris and Lynn Binkley for hosting and running these great events. The last one of the 2019 season is September 14 2019. if you need Volunteer hours this is your last chance!

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to all who came to ride and audit the Erika Jansson Cavaletti Clinic!  It was a great day. Photos under Chapter News here on the website and also on Facebook!

The June show is coming up fast. Have you contacted Carol Tice to volunteer yet? We need someone to man the Awards booth in the horse show office for Saturday and Sunday morning; a runner or two, and scribes etc.  Thank you to all of the competitors! Its going to be very well attended! We are looking forward to seeing you all!

The first of the Schooling Show Series at Black Dog Farm is also coming up June 16! Lynn and Chris Binkley work hard for us to have our Schooling Shows at their wonderful property.  See the premium at the Show Info link for contact information and to volunteer.

Cavaletti Clinic Ride Times!

Thanks to all who have signed up for this weekend’s Erika Jannson Cavaletti Clinic!

TEV-CDS will have cold drinks but we are not offering food so bring your own snacks or lunch! Auditors are very welcome; bring your own chairs if you can.

Ride times can be found here:


Info on the clinic can be found here:


Erika Jannson coming to Temecula!

TEV-CDS is sponsoring a Cavaletti Clinic with Erika Jannson! May 26-27 at Carol Tice’s barn Rocking T Ranch. Cavaletti work is beneficial, interesting, and fun for both horse and rider. Erika is a well known NorCal trainer and clinician and has developed Cavaletti exercises specifically for sport horses.  While not required, you are encouraged to ride both days as the work will build throughout.
Auditors are welcome at no charge. TEV-CDS will provide drinks but not food.

For info on Erika and the clinic go to:

Cavaletti Clinic with Erika Jansson 2018 SREC PDF

For the sign up form to scan or mail to Carol go to:

Cavaletti form

Discounts for early sign up and TEV-CDS members!

For info or questions call Carol Tice at 714.514.5606 or email jtrockingt@aol.com

AA Clinic Report!

Babs Boruch was our Chapter representative at the CDS Adult Amateur clinic. She had a wonderful time and wrote about it thusly:

“A big thank you to Melissa Creswick, CDS, TEV, W Farms and Nicole Bhathal for organizing such a wonderful clinic! What a great group of riders we had as well! The entire weekend was a positive experience and learning from Melissa was a real treat. I loved how engaged and motivated she is to bring out the best in each horse/rider combo. She is able to truly understand what works and doesn’t work for each individual horse and rider. And very quickly figured out how I learn best and how my horse understands things clearly. I had several ‘aha’ moments during my lessons and her evaluation of my riding, my horse and our learning moments was spot on. This made the whole learning process even more effective. It was great to be able to ride with such an experienced, knowledgeable horse lady who brought both her experience as a judge, trainer and rider to the table. The weekend was a successful, fun learning experience for me and my horse! Thanks again to everyone who made this clinic possible for all of us to enjoy, make new friends and learn from the expert. California weather, wonderful hostess, beautiful facility, welcoming atmosphere, well organized, great fellow riders, beautiful horses and a top clinician…..what else can an Adult Amateur rider ask for! ”


April Update

Congratulations to Barbara Boruch for being accepted to the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic this weekend. TEV-CDS is happy to offer our AA’s an opportunity to attend these great clinics. Auditors are welcomed and encouraged!The link to the schedule and information is here :  2018-AA South Schedule-03   

There is a new FB group associated with the TEV-CDS page! Its where all  can share thoughts, events, things for sale, updates, photos, and anything and everything else. Please join and make TEV-CDS part of your social network! Fill us in!

You can also send me your news of new horses, photos, etc at akogler@roadrunner.com for inclusion in the Member News section.

TEV-CDS will hosting a Cavaletti Clinic with Erikka Jansson! Stay tuned! Find out more about Erika at www.ejdressage.com.